5 Tips On Baking Pies And Cookies

1. While regular whole wheat flour can be used, whole wheat pastry flour, which is milled extra fine, will give best results. This flour can be obtained in all health food stores or in some of the finer food stores. Always sift flour three times before blending in shortening.

2. Where fruit juice is used in place of water, the quantity of honey can be considerably reduced or even completely eliminated. Your own taste should be the determining factor. Make sure that you use only unheated honey.

3. Soybean oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, and corn oil are our favorites for shortening. Peanut oil can also be used, but some find its flavor too strong. If you like your pie crust very flaky, more shortening may have to be added. A little experimenting will help you determine how much to use. Always ask for the cold pressed oil.

4. Some find the wearing of white cotton gloves when working with dough a great help. It protects the hands and keeps them clean. Always dab flour on rolling pin to prevent sticking.

5. Pies can also be baked without ones bothering to make a batter. Simply line your pie plate with graham honey crackers or crumbled shredded wheat and then add all other ingredients as in the recipe. In place of the upper crust, sprinkle crumbled shredded wheat on top before baking, or bake open face, and then add grated coconut.

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