Extremely hot, sour, pungent tastes. Cooked food sitting out many hours. Cold and dry, tasteless, burned, spoiled, dirty food. Food already tasted by others.

Onions, mushrooms, garlic, alcohol.

Large amounts of meat, fish, chicken, cayenne peppers, other chilies.

Every meal contains something from each category. Most of the diet is from the Sattvic category, a small part is Rajasic. Tamas should be avoided.

rajas (RUH-jus) stimulate activity in the mind and body. When rajasic foods are eaten excessively the resulting high level of stimulation shows up as irritability and discomfort. Tamas (TUM-us) creates inertia making one feel dull and listless, or lethargic.

As we saw in Chapter i no matter who you are cooking for always be sure each menu for a main meal has some sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes. Include some of each of the six qualities hot, cold, dry, oily, heavy, and light as well. In addition to that

consider thegunas when planning your meals. A large proportion of any menu comes from the sattvic category, much less from rajas and only a tiny bit might appear from the tamasic group. A sattvic diet minimizes the amount of impurities taken into the body. But just as exclusively eating only one or two food tastes, or limiting the diet to only a few favorite foods like apple juice or pizza creates an imbalance in the body, so too, in the Ayurvedic view only eating sattvic food (as salutary as it is) would not represent all die balance found in nature. The human body is seen by Ayurveda as a small, complete version of the universe in which every element in creation can be found. The interaction of the threegunas play an important role in creation. Since rajasic foods aren’t as healthful when eaten in any other than moderate amounts so they would make up a small part of the balanced diet. Maharishi Ayured does not recommend eating tamasic food.


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