Baby Development Month By Month

baby development

First month

– Infant has suck and swallow reflexes
– When infant awake, look directly your face and listen your voice
– When you play with infant, can push with legs or arms
– When lie down, try to turn around
– Try to suck his/her finger
– Most hours of the day infants will sleep but every 2 or 3 hours infants will be wake up and try do feed.
– Infant try to hold the finger if you put his/her palm of the hand


Second month

– Infant can recognize different voices and faces
– Watch your moves by his/her eyes
– Try to suck everythink can he/her hold
– Can hold a toy one or two second which he/her hold.
– Infants try to choose the position for his/her sleep.


Third month

– Will make noice, and contact with the world.
– Don’t want to stay alone.
– Colorful toys which make noice interested by him/her.
– Can follow an object by eyes or head.
– Can take 7 or 8 hours night sleep without feeding.
– Can move head by knee’s when sleep face down.


Fourth month

– Can reach an object which you show and hold it.
– Can sit with support.
– Can recognize strangers.


Fifth month

– React any voice, look for who make the noice,
– When you play with him/her, smile to you.
– Try to touch, hold and taste everything, and change toy from one hand to another.
– Time of sleeping and feeding will be much more regular.


Sixt month

– Infant can a little bit crawl
– Change a toy from one hand to another.
– Enjoy to shake toys which make sound.


Seventh month

– Infant crawl better at this month.
– Try to stand up and stay on feet.
– Try to imitate sounds and words.


Eighth month

– Try to analyze objects instead of try to taste it.
– Can sit without help
– Enjoy playing with others.
– Always want to be close to mother, realise that mother is a life source.


Nineth month

– Can control his/her body and standing up by support.
– Crawl perfectly
– Can hold object easy
– Can link object together like tv to remote control.
– Can understand simple words or orders like come.
– Have new fears like loun sound.


Tenth month

– try to climb up stairs
– start to like some specific toys
– help you when you dress up him/her


Elevent month

– When on feet; receive objects from ground
– Recognize big and small
– Drink water by glass


Twelfth month

– Prefer to walk than sitting
– Has one or two favourite toys to prefer for playing.
– When talk or act, try to copy you
– If you ask politely, he/she share His/her toys, but if you ask rude he/her will be throw them
– pronounce simple worlds like mother, fother etc.

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