Butter-Steamed Fresh Vegetables

Boiling vegetables is out of favor with knowing cooks. The butter-steaming method (using very little liquid) is quicker and preserves more of the natural flavor, color, and food value.

A few simple rules must be observed: Use a frying pan at least 10 inches wide. Slice or chop vegetables in small pieces so they will cook quickly. Cook no more than 5 cups of prepared vegetables at a time over the highest possible heat.

To cook most of the vegetables, you use only butter or margarine, water, and the usual salt-and-pepper seasoning. However, in a few cases other fat (such as bacon drippings) is used and broth may be substituted for the water.

Cooks who get accustomed to butter-steaming their vegetables say they no longer would cook them any other way.

Butter, margarine, or other fat suggested in specific directions following Vegetables, cut or chopped according to specific directions Water (unless broth is specified)

BASIC INSTRUCTIONS. Use a wide electric frying pan set at highest heat or a wide frying pan over direct high heat. (Pan should be at least 10 inches in diameter and have a cover.) Melt butter (it will begin to brown slightly almost as it melts). Add vegetables, then add water. Stir and cover. Cook at high heat, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are cooked

and liquid is gone. Season with salt and pepper, and serve immediately.

Note: See quantities and cooking times for each vegetable following, plus seasoning variations. Use preceding basic instructions unless changes are suggested in the following recipes.


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