Cafe Frappe Recipe

Small pot (about 3 cups) extra-strong real coffee

Large tub whipping cream (you can also use

double cream or creme fraTche)

1 tablespoon cold water

A little sifted icing sugar

1 pint (570ml) vanilla, coffee or toffee


TO GARNISH: chocolate-covered coffee beans

Cool the coffee, then chill it in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Whisk the cream to make a creme Chantilly, then whisk in the tablespoon of cold water, with icing sugar to taste. Chill To serve, divide the coffee between 6 glasses, then add a scoop or two of icecream, and top with Chantilly and chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Shopping list Fruit and vegetables

About 12oz (340g) sorrel leaves and/or baby spinach About 1 lb (450g) button mushrooms A few chives or 2 thin spring onions (optional) About 1 V2lb (675g) new potatoes (optional) About 1 lb (450g) small courgettes 6-8 fresh basil leaves 1 lemon Garlic cloves Piece of root ginger, peeled

From the poultry counter

3 large magrets (duck breasts), each weighing about 12oz (340g), or 4 smaller ones

From the delicatessen counter (70g) good blue cheese 2oz (55g) prosciutto (Parma ham), serrano ham or other dry-cured ham Chocolate-covered coffee beans

From the chilled cabinets

Small carton or bottle freshly-squeezed orange juice A small tub single cream A large tub whipping or double cream or creme fraiche

From the store cupboard

Groundnut, sunflower or rape seed oil Lightly-flavoured olive oil Balsamic vinegar Dijon mustard Clear honey Soy sauce Paprika Sea salt Black pepper Icing sugar (optional)

From the frozen cabinets

1 pint (570ml) coffee, toffee or vanilla ice-cream

To drink

Serve the same wine throughout: chilled Pinot Gris from Alsace, preferably Schlumberger 1992 Dry sherry for cooking

And also

Milk; mineral water; table napkins; flowers; candles; baguette-style bread; strong coffee


(above) Large Drinking GoBLET. 22 cl. capacity.

Height 224 ml, max width 82 mm.

Weight 430 g. 24% lead crystal.

From an original, designed by Frank Thrower. Blown by an expert team often led by master glassblower Chris Horrell.

Mould blown bowl from two gathers of molten glass.

Hand pulled stem with sealed internal drawn tapered air bubble and solid spun foot.

Part of a collection of five unique pieces from a hand crafted tradition since 1967.

For details see exhibitions at major retailers, department stores and fine gift shops.

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