Childbirth Classes

childbirth classes

Vaginal Delivery

After birth pain started by mother’s pushing baby will born by vaginal route. When spams started at uterus it means mother has birth pain. And by this pain infant started to pushing out of uterus.

Usually after 37 th week of the pregnant; birth pains started. Between 37 th to 40 th week birth can be happen. Sometimes after 40 th week birth may be not startet. General informations say that you can wait until 42 th week. But at this time infant always has to be under control. At the and of the week is birth will not start yet; hormone called oxytocin injected to mother. By this way fake birth pain starts.

When cervical is 4-5 cm mother can feel pain a little bit but when cervical is 10 cm ( which is max size)mother can push and then first baby’s head come out.


Epidural Narcosis

Epidural Narcosis make giving birth for mothers much more easier. For taking pain killer doctors wait until cervical will be more than 4 cm. If medicine take earlier it may be stop giving birth. By this kind of birth mother may be not feel the pain for pushing but doctors can tell the pushing time to mother by monitoring.


Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean delivery means, by an operation from mother’s abdomen, doctor reach to the uterus and give a birth to the baby.

Cesaren delivery is a kind of surgery. Because of that mother take a lot of risk like infection, bleeding etc. Also some of those risk might be deadly.

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