Cups For Cheer: Health Drinks

What beverage would you recommend with the meals? we are often asked. The majority of people feel that without a beverage no meal is complete.

Aside, however, from a hot drink in the morning for those who desire it, it is best that no liquid be taken at mealtime. Hunger should be satisfied by food, and once we have eaten enough to satisfy hunger, nothing else is needed.

Any number of reasons are advanced why people drink with their meals. With some it is merely a habit. Others think they need liquid to wash down their food. Some think they need fluids to soften their food, while others feel that by taking liquids with their meals they will be able to eat more.

None of these reasons justifies the practice of taking liquids with meals. Food doesnt require washing down. Eat slowly, chew your food well, and you will see how nicely it will glide down and be digested.

No fluid is needed to soften the food. Chewing it well, moistening it with the saliva, is sufficient. The idea of drinking with meals so that we may eat more is based on a gross fallacy.

We should eat only as much as we need to satisfy hunger, and no more. Forcing food into the stomach beyond actual need only causes harm.

The habit of taking liquids with meals is, in most cases, artificially developed. Salt, pepper, mustard, vinegar, preserved or pickled foods, all create a need for liquids. Something is needed to dilute the irritating substances and wash them out of the system.

Eating too fast also induces drinking with the meals. When the bland, non-irritating fruits and vegetables make up a great part of our diet, when the spiced and stimulating foods are eliminated, and when we learn to eat slowly and to masticate our food thoroughly, we guard against overeating and have no need to take liquids to wash down our food. The foods recommended here provide not only fine nutrition but also supply us with all the fluid we need to keep fit.

Coffee and tea contain no nourishment and have no place in a wholesome, well-regulated program of living. They contain caffeine and tannic acid, which are harmful to health.

The following are delightful, nutritious food drinks: teakettle tea or cambric tea (Grandmothers touch— Grandmothers wisdom—still good today!) 1 glass of milk added to 1 glass boiling water. Serve with or without honey. halfnhalf Equal parts of milk and boiling water. Serve with or without honey. hot lemonade Boiling water to which the desired amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey is added. Lime juice may be substituted.

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