Finest Home-Made Ice Cream Recipes

During the hot summer months, when your family asks for ice cream, make your own delicious ice cream; what a delicacy and how much healthier than the commercial brands made of white sugar, fillers, and artificial colorings! Ice cream is wonderful when served as part of a regular meal. A large fruit salad and a plate of home-made ice cream make a delicious summer meal.


Crush 2 yellow peaches and 21 tbsp. honey into half-pint of sweet cream. Beat all together with an eggbeater or a mixing machine. This fills one tray. Chill for one hour, then beat again for a smoother cream and freeze. Serves two.

(Note: If less concentrated ice cream is desired, i part milk to 2 parts cream may be used instead of all cream.)


Mash 1 banana, using fork. Add 2-V tbsp. honey to one small bottle sweet cream. Beat and chill for one hour, beat again, and ffeeze. Serves two.


Mash 1 cup strawberries, add 3 tbsp. honey to small bottle sweet cream. Beat, chill for one hour, beat again, and freeze. Serves two.


Line tray with graham crackers and pour on ice cream mixture after re-beating, and freeze. Any of the above mixtures may be used. When almost set, place some graham cracker crumbs on top to form a tasty, crunchy crust or sprinkle with crushed nut meats.

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