Fruit And Vegetable Juices

We have pointed out that those who own vegetable juicers can prepare with very little effort an infinite variety of fruit and vegetable juices. These juices are of special value in cases where one is unable to eat raw vegetables because of the roughage. Carrot and celery, cabbage and celery, carrot and apple, and celery and parsley are only a few of the many combinations that can be made.

Many health food stores prepare these juices and serve them over the counter. However, it should be apparent that you are at a distinct advantage when you own a juicer, since it will enable you to make your own juices at home whenever necessary or desirable.

Those who do not own a juicer and cannot get to a health food store for their fresh vegetable juices will find Vegamato, a combination of tomato and other vegetable juices, highly satisfactory. It contains no chemicals, preservatives, or spices, except a little salt. It is obtainable in the major chain food stores. It makes a fine dressing for salads and can be used to enhance the flavor of the cooked vegetable dishes. When heated, it makes a fine hot broth. It can also be used as a base for any vegetable soup.

For added zest, a little garlic or garlic powder may be added.

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