Hot Fruit Drinks

Pure unsweetened and unpreserved fresh or bottled fruit juices mixed with boiling water and sweetened with the desired amount of honey make fine, wholesome, nourishing drinks. Lemon juice may be added, if desired. Pineapple, apple, grape, and prune juice are some of the fruit juices that may be used:

The unpreserved and unsweetened juice of berries are obtainable in some health food stores. And, if you happen to be in the vicinity of one of these stores, you may find many other fruit juices that can be used advantageously. HERB TEAS

The finest flavors and delicate aromas of the herb teas (obtainable in health food stores) make them welcome substitutes for coffees and teas.

Among the herb teas we suggest are mint leaf tea, alfalfa tea, alfalfa-mint tea, linden flower tea, strawberry leaf tea, chamomile tea, and sassafras tea. These teas may be sweetened with honey and served with or without the addition of lemon juice.

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