Italian Hazelnut Cookies

These delicate cookies are sweet, bitter, astringent, dry, and good for all doshas. When made with both wheat and barley flour, they are best for Kapha. If you don’t have barley flour on hand, use all white flour. The recipe calls for rolling the finished cookies in confectioners’ sugar. This step could be eliminated for Kapha. The anise flavor develops best when they are stored in a sealed container for a day or two.

Serving Yourself

If you were dining out and wanted to know how much to eat from such a menu to be sure you’ve eaten a healthy, balanced meal, this chart may help you.


Cheese Crackers Antipasto Tray

Pasta and Green Sauce

Green Beans in Tomato Sauce Spinach and Chicory Salad

Macedonia di Fruita

Italian Hazelnut Cookies


Eat several crackers with dips and spreads, but eat only a little cheese.

Eat fully as part of a balanced menu.

Decreases Vata. Eat fully. Increases Vata. Eat small amount. Decreases Vata. Eat fully.

Eat fully.


Go easy on the cheese. Eat a few crackers, pickles, and peppers.

Eat moderately as part of a balanced menu.

Decreases Pitta. Eat fully.

Eat moderately. Neutral effect.

Decreases Pitta. Eat fully.

Eat fully.


Eat lightly of the crackers. Go easy on the cheese; enjoy the pungent peppers. Sweet, heavy, oily. Eat moderately. Increases Kapha. Decreases Kapha. Eat fully.

Eat fully. Good for Kapha.

Eat moderately as part of a balanced meal.

Eat moderately without the extra confectioners’ sugar.


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