Juice Of Raw Potatoes

The juice of raw potatoes provides highly nourishing substances It contains a most nutritious protein, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is very high in Vitamin C. Try a mixture of potato and apple juice, potato and parsnip juice, potato and carrot juice, or potato, apple, and parsnip or carrot juice. vegetable broth

A cup of hot vegetable broth makes a delicious nourishing drink.

Carrots, parsley, celery, tomato, string beans, green peas, squash, with the addition of the required amount of water, make a delightful vegetable broth. Bring to a boil, turn the flame low, and let simmer until vegetables are done. Then strain and serve.

A ready-made vegetable broth powder composed of a mixture of dried ground-up vegetables is available in the health food stores. Those who look for a wholesome hot delicious drink that can be prepared in a hurry will find this vegetable broth a great help. You merely add boiling water and stir. Make sure you buy only those vegetables to which no salt has been added.

Milk liquids are foods. Milk, buttermilk, clabbered milk, and yoghurt are liquid foods and should be taken as a food, not as a drink.

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