4oz bulgur (cracked wheat)

6oz (170g) plain yogurt

1 tablespoon fresh or dried mint, finely chopped

Salt and ground black pepper

Soak the bulgar in water until partly soft (about 15 minutes). Drain well. Beat the yogurt lightly in a mixing bowl until smooth. Fold the bulgar and the mint into the yogurt, and add salt and pepper to taste. The half-soaked bulgar will soak up some of the liquid in the yogurt. It should end up the consistency of double cream. If you like, you could add some finely diced cucumber to give it crunch.

Peel the potato, and boil until soft. While still hot, put in the food processor and whiz. Add crushed garlic cloves and whiz again. Add the oil through the processor funnel, while blending again. Add the yogurt, and blend again briefly. Season. Cool, and serve in a shallow bowl decorated with the olives, cucumber or radish.KISHKEH_25.jpgKISHKEH_4.jpg

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