2 red peppers

2-3oz (55g-85g) fine, rusk-type crumbs, made from crushed, oven-dried bread

1 clove garlicloz (30g) onion, roughly chopped

1 teaspoon chilli powder

1 teaspoon paprika

3 tablespoons pomegranate extract (or 3 tablespoons lemon juice and

1 dessertspoon sugar)

4oz (llOg) walnut halves Olive oil

Salt and ground black pepper

Halve the red peppers and put them on a metal tray, skin side up, under a hot grill. Grill until the skins have blistered and blackened. Cool, then rub off the skins. Take out the seeds and white fibrous bits and place the pepper flesh in a food processor with the rusk crumbs, garlic, onion, chilli powder (start with V2 a teaspoon, as you may find it too hot), paprika, and just enough water to moisten the mixture so that it makes a thick paste. Add the pomegranate extract or sweetened lemon juice, a little at a time the first time you make it, so that you can judge the taste. You should now have a creamy paste. Add the walnut halves to the food processor and whiz until they are chopped, but not too fine.

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