Sweet Summer Curry

Curries are sometimes thought of as fiery dishes that must be followed by lots of cool drinks and yogurt. Not this one. It is sweet and unctuous, astringent, warm, heavy, and a litde salty. This is a good main dish for Pitta and Vata. Kapha can eat very moderately of this curry.

The more pungent-tasting dishes suit Kapha better. Increasing die spinach and decreasing the sweet raisins, grapes, and the heavy potatoes makes this sweet curry a good side dish for Kapha types.

When you use sprouted lentils for frying to serve with mixed vegetables, soak them in warm water, cover, and allow them to sit overnight, or just long enough for the sprouts to begin coming out. The lentil has its greatest nutritional value at this point rather than when it is allowed to grow a long root. Wash the sprouted lentils well in cool water just before using.

Fried Spiced Potatoes, actually a recipe within the Sweet Summer Curry recipe, gives even greater richness and depth to the dish. It could also be prepared on its own for Vata or Pitta as a side dish or part of a light meal. Prepare the Fried Spiced Potatoes first, then cover them and let them steam while you cook the fruits and vegetables.

Rice is cold, sweet, and heavy. While it is an essential, nourishing grain for everyone to eat, it reduces Vata and Pitta and increases Kapha, so Kapha would eat much less rice at this meal. Because saffron is a heating herb it is good to prepare Kapha’s rice with a little saffron (or ginger). Dry roasting or frying the rice in a little oil before boiling makes it less heavy. Vata types can use the heat of saffron also, but the rice does not need to be roasted or fried first to make it lighter in quality. Those with Pitta constitutions do not need to lighten the rice bv frying either. Saffron can be eaten in moderation by Pitta types in cold months, if they care for the extra heat.


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